By aggregating Carriers we are able to offer our customers the "Best of Breeds" for delivering last mile services. With IP Global Connect services you will enjoy the benefits of having choices to meet your Voice and Data requirements.

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Our Connect Features

We have a long history of working in the transport industry to determine which type of reliable services are available for your specific location.

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    All Transport Providers

    We are currently on-net with every major transport provider in the Texas market.
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    Most Secure

    When choosing IP GLobal "Connect" your VoIP traffic will never traverse the public Internet.
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    Fastest Speed

    We offer every type of transport available thereby giving your business the highest speed possible.
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    Aggregate Carriers

    Our business model is centered on aggregating carriers in our Data Center facility to ensure the best possible solution for our Customers.
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    Diff. Transport Methods

    We currently are able to offer every type of reliable transport technology available: Fiber Optics, Ethernet over Copper, T1, and DSL.
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    Provide MPLS Service

    For Customers with multiple offices IP Global can connect each location by providing our private Layer2 VLAN.

We Connect Through

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    Fiber Optics

    The Ultimate in Internet access is Fiber Optics. Secure and Reliable Fiber Optic connectivity delivered across multiple paths.

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    Ethernet over Copper

    The service provider core and the customer network reduces overhead, increasing performance & providing a more consistent connection to the user.

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    T1 Circuits

    Prestine Voice Quality. We have perfected Voice Packet Prioritization to allow Voice and Data on a single T1 Circuit.

  • Advantages

    One of the many advantages when choosing IP Global as your transport provider is the options to combine different types of transport. For example a cost effective solution would include a T1 for your Voice traffic and a DSL or DOCSIS for your data traffic. While each of the two can act as a redundant path for the other.

  • All of our transport services include a Cisco or Juniper router, 24x7 service monitoring based on 30 second intervals, and 24x7 trouble ticket management.

  • Our service plans are based on the physical address of where the Internet connection needs to be delivered. After prequalifying the address our sales engineers can design the best possible solution to meet your budget.


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Supporting your buisness 24x7x365 is not just our goal but rather our core mission. The entire IP Global support team is always available to engage any support request and to make sure your problem is rapidly resolved.

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